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Unique to its own location (ie: NYC, LA, DC, London, Berlin) a scene is something people are involved in, that (in a majority) involves a common interest like music.

Being involved includes going to shows and organizing events.

I think the definition for scene as "A sphere of activity" quite accuarately reflects the scenes.

Some scenes: LA's Deathrock scene, London's infamous Blitz Kids scene.
You call yourself punk but you don't support the scene!
by sugar_prostitute July 06, 2005
Like the defintions that are given SUCKS so I'm giving you mine.

Label is a fucking interchangable term with "NOUN".

Idiots today, are against labels because they think they're too unique for labels or they're hurtful, but those bastards just don't understand them so they reject them, what morons.

You aren't a soup can, but it proves to be much more useful than the asswads who bring this argument up; what they don't realise is that there are more labels than "goth, punk, emo" that "girl, negro, gay" and others are also labels too.

Label is often confused with "Stereotype", becuase people are ignorant asswads. A stereotype has no steady definition- its just a cliche, while a label has a steady and "DEFINATE" definition.

All labels can have stereotypes like how all punks are into fashion or that all black people eat fried chicken. These stereotypes can even be positive or even non-biased, but most we see today are negative stereotypes.
A common label today is "goth", which is by definition "a fan of goth rock" that has alot of misconceptions because of its "stereotypes".
by sugar_prostitute July 06, 2005

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