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1. Someone who attempts to be funny when they clearly are not.
2. Sue's father, who runs his fingers through his hair.
1. That wasn't funny. you're a jhoke.
2. "He Thinks I'm a Jhoke". *runs hands through hair*
by Suey December 07, 2004
A noise made by cats who pass in the hall but don't like each other. Usually accompanied by batting each other with their front paws.

Also an alternative for the f word, discovered by accident when a pikey was arguing whilst eating a kebab.
The cats are hissing and fuffing again.

I wish you would fuff off.
by suey December 01, 2003
A bloke who constantly lies and believes he can get away with it. The trouble is he can't remember which lie he told you 5 minutes ago. And sits looking over your shoulder pointing out typing errors while you're writing this about him. And he's too stupid to know you're actually writing about him. The wanker.
Wayne (boyfriend).
by Suey September 11, 2003
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