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"A strong minded person who has dedicated himself to a disbelief in god based on roughly the same amount of evidence a religious follower uses to dedicate himself to a belief in god."

Yes,however it is more "scientific" to suppose that God does exist until it is disproven than it is to suppose that God does not or cannot exist,without even investigating the possibility.

Why you might ask?

Because the creationist is more closely following and adhering to the scientific method by believing in the concept that God may actually exist as a concept than the atheist is who has already concluded,without even scientifically testing and proving it via the scientific method,that god does infact NOT exist.(No Mr. atheist,we do not know that so let's test using the scientific method rather than just saying "there is no god,don't waste your time on fairy tales." << NOT very scientific!)

In other words God has not been proven or disproven and it is more scientifically sound to suppose that God does exist and test that theory than it is to dismiss that idea without even following the scientific method and actually testing it.The creationist has atleast left the possibility for testing using the scientific method.The atheist has rejected the scientific method altogether by making a premature,prejudical conclusion without even allowing for scientific testing

Thus,to reject god is to reject science!

The creationist supposes the God concept to be a solid concept and thus worthy of further investigation.

The atheist negates science by presupposing that the God concept isn't even conceptually a concept that is worthy of investigating via the scientific method.

Creationist:"God is a concept to be tested scientifically"

Atheist: "there is no god,it's a fairy tale,aren't I scientific?"

The atheist is not only un-scientific but presumes his self to be god because he is able to conclude without even using the scientific method.WOW,the rest of us have to use science but not the atheist.He is above us all, scientists included.For even a scientist has to test his theories.Not so for the atheist!The atheist is omni-potent!
Why even have science or the scientific method if we are going to make decisions without them and then claim to be on the side of science?

Creationist: "I think there is something to this gravity thing,let's investigate it as it's worthy of investigation"

Atheist: "No,it doesn't exist so there's no need to prove it or disprove it or to investigate it.It's just a fairy tale." - "Oh yeah by the way I'm for science,not fairy tales."
by suck my pagoda March 16, 2005

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