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1 definition by successishardsodoit

People in their mid-to-late 20's (sometimes early 30's) that cannot grasp the idea they are growing up...still hang out with high school people, go to bars/clubs, miss high school and their time there, try to 're-live' their glory days of high school/college. Feel insecure regarding the future & cling to the past as much as possible.
Other characteristics:
- Have trouble finding jobs that are 'good enough' for them
- Relationship problems/lots of instability
- Financial problems/spending issues/debt -- Feeling everyone is doing better than they are
- Refusal to stop partying
- Believe the single-party lifestyle is for them even though it puts them into debt & makes them look desperate(males - behave like someone from the show 'Entourage', women like younger versions of 'Sex and the City')
- Secretly envious of those who have settled down, have families/children, careers and friendships made after high school graduation. State 'I'm still in my prime' but knowing deep down they are fading fast into the background
Quarterlife Crisis: The 29-yr old who goes to the bar with people from high school & asks 'how old do you think I am' to every person they meet - when given the answer '23', it's the highlight of their week.
by successishardsodoit September 21, 2008