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Walī (Arabic ولي, plural Awliyā' أولياء), is an Arabic word meaning Friend," "client," "kinsman," "patron"; it generally denotes "friend of God" in the phrase ولي الله walīyu 'llāh1. In English, wali most often means a Muslim saint or holy person. It should not be confused with the word Wāli (Arabic: والي) which is an 2 administrative title that was used in the Muslim Caliphate, and still today in some Muslim countries as in Wali of Swat (princely state).
In religious uses, it is generally short for Waliullah (Arabic ولي الله) or friend of God. Belief in the Awliya is an agreed upon article of faith in Sunni Islam having been mentioned in the earliest creeds to the most recent. Imam Tahawi mentions them in his creed.
by successful woman February 13, 2010
Fauzia is a popular Arabic female name and has the following definitions: 1. Victorious 2. Successful 3. Triumphant
Women with this name are usually very powerful and successful just like the meaning of the name.
Fauzia's Pakistani Recipes is the #1 Pakistani Recipe site on the web. You can find hundreds of delicious recipes at tasteofpakistan.com/recipes owner of this site is Fauzia Hussain from Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Fauzia Wahab is a Pakistani politician in the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). She is currently a member of Pakistan's National Assembly from Sindh.

Fauzia Burke is the Founder and President of FSB Associates, an Internet marketing firm specializing in creating online awareness for books and authors.

Fauzia Amir is a beautiful Pakistani super model who has been very successful in Pakistani showbiz.
by Successful Woman February 13, 2010

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