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3 definitions by subwayeatfresh91

When you are doing a girl from behind in front of a window, have a buddy with similar cock size hiding in the other room. After going at it for a while switch out with him, go around to the window and wave at your girl.
Friend 1: Dude, me and my buddy gave my girlfriend the escape artist last night. You should have seen her face!

Friend 2: HAHAHAHA
by subwayeatfresh91 March 15, 2009
zomg hypno-bear
Dude 1: Look at that hypno-bear


Dude 2: wtf?!
by subwayeatfresh91 August 10, 2009
dumb emo kid
wow look at that emo kid (//_-)
by subwayeatfresh91 August 10, 2009