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In terms of cities as women, Detroit is compared to the flashier, sexier, crunchier, trendier cities/women, and often serve to inflate the self esteem of cities who actually aren 't as awesome as they think they are, or are having problems and want someone to make them feel prettier. Some of her worst enemies are actually her cousins (the Detroit suburbs) who think she is an embaressing relative, and think they know what is best for her, but bad mouth her and get in her way. Detroit has problems, but thats not all there is to her. The auto industry, a boyfriend, has been part of her best and worst times.
Los Angeles: Pssst..have you seen Detroit lately? I feel so bad for her. EVERYONE says her days are numbered.
New York: I know. I feel bad sometimes, because we are so awesome and successful. Detroit just doesn't know whats good for her. She needs to get her priorities straight. Her schools are a mess.


Portland: Poor Detroit. So unenlightened. She likes abusive men. They should look into local foods, or a market where you can buy fresh food. Plus they need diversity.
Seattle: Oh, I know! Too bad they don't live near water and Canada like us. But they aren't as progressive as us.

Westland (suburb): God cousin Detroit is so embaressing. I just party at her place then get going back.

Birmingham: Its a shame what happened to my cousin Detroit. She should have better shopping. But everyone just wants to come shopping with me.

Eastpointe: I try not to let anyone know about my cousin, Detroit. I really am closer to my cousin, Grosse Pointe. Oh yeah, I used to be East Detroit. We're sooo fancy here.
by suburbanDetroiter July 10, 2011

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