10 definitions by subcultural girl

What psycho's do at a psychobilly show. Psychobilly dancing.
Me and my crew went to see the Klingonz at the Wrecker's Ball.
by Subcultural Girl September 05, 2003
A band that has been variously embraced and discredited by the psychobilly scene.Some people call them sell-outs, and other people love them.
Tiger Army is good- but it isn't psychobilly isn't just punk with a slap bass.
by Subcultural Girl September 05, 2003
A great annually held music festival held in NorCal, featuring bands such as Social Distortion, Brian Seltzer, The Reverend Horton Heat and a host of psycho- and rockabilly bands.
You got to go to Hootenanny this year? Lucky bitch.
by Subcultural Girl September 05, 2003
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