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15 definitions by su france

The anus/rectum

A Hungarian (?) word for the rear end, often used in the "Assman" porn series
Man in porn film talking about the woman he's going to sodomise:
"she needs a big dick in the popshe..."
by su france August 02, 2008
1) the anus/rectum
2) (rarely) the vagina
he sticks his cock up her smellhole
by su france May 08, 2004
a homosexual male (in British slang)
in the '70s, no one knew Elton was a bender
by su france June 18, 2005
1. Unannounced and/or forcible sex which ISN'T rape. The kind performed in roleplay, in "dom/sub relationships", and in certain orgy/rock-star-groupie type situations.

2. The old male trick of pulling the penis out of the girl's cunt and slipping it up her shit-hole.
e.g: you can tell a true "do-me girl" by the fact she can't remember her last fuck which wasn't surprise sex
by su france April 07, 2010
1) Excrement/a turd
2) Act of defecation

Used in film "Three Men and a Baby" - probably pre-dates the film as similar to doo-doo/dooey/doodie etc
"You realise she did a doodle?" prior to nappy-changing scene in film
by su france June 12, 2004

juvenile word similar to poop/doo-doo/doody etc
the enema made me do a big dooey
by su france June 18, 2005
verb. to defecate, pass excrement (usually used of babies/children)
As a child I was given an enema if I didn't do something for 4 days
by su france May 14, 2007