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The feeling that you wake up with the morning after a drunken debauchery of an evening. The ick is associated with many things, you acted like an ass, you treated someone like an ass, or you ARE an ass. The most common ick is associated with the poor choice of a hook up (no explanation needed).
My hangover is accompanied by the ick, sorry for my behavior.
by Su May 05, 2004
someone with small(microscopic) manhood
Look at that guy. You can tell he's stubby.
by su June 30, 2004
The over-use of the Marcy Power Trainer with little or no result. One who indulges in rezmarcy is known as a Rezmarcist or a Rezmazoid.
One is said to be Rezmatic.
"That guy's become somewhat Rezmatic recently."
by SU March 09, 2004
Oshpa Is a wonderful person and a leader*
*Kait*, Molly, Rach....
by Su August 18, 2003
someone who decides too much and watches too much anime and loves his cancerous brother, tom
Drew Hettinger has died from an ecstacy overdose.
by su March 31, 2003
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