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The kind of undercarriage man sweat only achieved after days of walking through the steets of santiago in august heat. S.S.S.S.S. Is required in order to achieve the Bolivian Body Spray.
coming back from camping....

"whats that smell?"

"sorry, I have Southern Santiago Sweaty Sack Syndrome"
by styxx marino March 07, 2007
A form of "the shocker" but instead of "two in the pink and one int the stink", two in the stink and one in the pink. hence the intruder.
your too drunk to realize you confused the holes hence the intruder.
by styxx marino March 06, 2007
after a long sweaty day, swiping the underside of your testicles, otherwise known as "the chode" then applying said sweat to your wrists and neck as you would cologne.
everyone likes there own brand....hence the bolivian body spray.
by styxx marino March 06, 2007

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