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Singer/guitarist in the awesome band MGMT. Is usually high, and likes smoking pot before going on stage.
Is hot and has a sexy voice.
Likes dogs and fruit stands.
Cool chick: Hey, do you like MGMT?
Uncool chick: whhaa?!!2 who dat b?
Cool chick: Nevermind....

Cool chick #2: Hey do you like MGMT?
Cool chick #1: YEAH!! Doesn't Andrew Vanwyngarden have the sexiest voice?
Cool chick #2: Heck yes! Plus he's pretty sexy himself!
by Stuff you, Jemaine! February 02, 2009
The center of all evil.

See McDonalds.
Person 1: Hey let's go to walmart and then to McDonalds!!!!!111one!1!!!!
Person 2(the cool person): nah, I think I'll hang out at this locally owned coffee shop/market instead.
by stuff you, jemaine! January 26, 2009
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