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Sparta, NJ. A whore filled, druggie infested town in northern new jersey. Like seriously all you have to do to beat a sports team here is throw a bag a weed on the ground and theyll all go running towards it. and here in sparta the girls dont wear short-shorts...they wear whore-shorts. the white kids for some reason think theyre black...makes no sense. Every kid thinks they can do what they want because theyre mommies and daddies are rich and give them whatever they want. There are some normal families in Sparta...but not many...like 10..at the most. And for some reason kids in Sparta also think they're cool if they hang out in front of CVS, Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts or go swimming in a sewage pit called Lake Mohawk.
Spartan 1- Ohhh letss hang outt tonight!
Spartan 2- Omggg we can hang out in front of Panera Bread then go get high At Lake Mohawkk!
Spartan 3-dudeee soundss amazinng.

Normal Kid- what. the. fuck. get me out of this town. now.

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