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NOUN: An individual who walks through a crowded car parking complex and induces in a nearby driver the belief that the individual intends to imminently vacate his/her parking space when in fact the individual has no such intention.

VERB: To induce – intentionally or negligently – the belief in nearby drivers that one intends to vacate one's car park when in fact one has no such intention.
Driver: "Man, it's impossible to find a place to park here.

Passenger: Dude, follow that hot chick - she looks like she's going to her car."

*Driver follows the hot chick until it she disappears into a store

Driver: "Fuck, what a park-tease (NOUN)."

Passenger: "Yeah, she totally park-teased (VERB) you just now."

by stryker mcnail March 27, 2009
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