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3 definitions by strwberryjoy

Venting of pent-up anger in string of unrecognizeable words
me: "You really want me to let you know what I really think of you, you mother-effing, effer!!!

other: "Yikes. Watch the verbal carnage"
by strwberryjoy December 22, 2009
Bucoothchie is a terrible smell of butt plus cootchie from a girl in her private area. It is often a mix of sweat and body odor, plus sometimes pee, poo/farts, and/or period smells.
I wanted to wear my pants again the next day because I'd only worn them an hour, but when I smelled the seat, they reeked like bucootchie so bad that I couldn't!
by strwberryjoy November 25, 2009
Thanksgiving PLUS Christmas. Thanksgiving and Christmas are often so early and so intermixed, it's hard to tell them apart.
The day after Halloween, all the stores were decorated for the season of Thankmas with Turkeys and Christmas trees.
by strwberryjoy November 23, 2009