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The pursuit of a career in an area one is passionate about, often living on limited resources, when higher paying careers, though unwanted, are attainable

The juggling of several part time jobs, ideally related to one's passion, to earn enough money to live off of which allows time to develop a creative skill

The desire for a more fulfilling livelihood often stymied by crippling debt and/or self-doubt

A play on words based on the Austin-American Statesman newspaper in Austin, Texas.
Sheila hated her old job as a curriculum developer. Now she has two part time jobs teaching kids music and writing, and she has time to pursue her acting career. She's happier getting by on less because she's living the Austin-American dream.

Dylan's been working at the record store forever. He's an expert in music especially obscure stuff. He'll never sell out. He's living the Austin-American dream, for real.

Melody teaches art classes all over town and has shows of her own. She tried working at a collections agency once and walked out. She knows the Austin-American dream is the only life for her.

Janice wishes she could quit her job and become a fashion designer, but she has too much debt and doesn't think she could make money. She doesn't think the Austin-American dream is realistic enough for her, at least not now.
by strongwings April 19, 2011
A passionless woman who, though superficially attractive and financially independent, is romantically unfulfilled due to emotional underdevelopment.
Guy 1: Marina's pretty hot, huh?
Guy 2: Yeah, but she desperate. There's something really depressing about her. Her friends seem that way too. I've never seen so many flightless birds in one club.

Girl 1: Jodie is still hung up on that guy never calling.
Girl 2: I know. She wants someone to sweep her off her feet. We're the same age, and I'm not all freaked out about being single. I don't want to hang out with her anymore. She's got flightless bird written all over her.
by strongwings April 08, 2012
social standing based upon the conspicuous conservation of natural resources which are often contradicted by other actions
Kevin's ecostatus is very important to him. He tells everyone he saves water by not flushing when he pees, but he discreetly waters his lawn everyday.

Samantha considers her ecostatus to be higher than her neighbors who have a rain barrel and a compost bin, because she drives a hybrid. She doesn't count her frequent flights to Australia for vacation.
by strongwings April 08, 2012

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