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16 definitions by strong bad

AwsomeBad: No...you moronus! We are challenging you to a wrestling match!

Dumpstar/Dumbstar/Dumpface/Dumbface/Crap for Crap: uh..nO THX. ;) omg wtf lol
by Strong Bad February 15, 2004
4 1
A word you get when you are like try'n to make up a mascot name and you're frickin' hungry!
The mascot of CGNU is "the CGNU Dumple"
by Strong Bad December 16, 2003
6 5
v. "to throw", regarding the sound the thrown object makes as it flies through the air.
Somebody fwizzed a pop can at me and it hit me in the head.
by Strong Bad June 25, 2003
3 3
My dumb brother who I locked in da basement...I'm gonna go glue his hands to his face now and get Strong Mad to punch him in the knee.
Strong Sad is a stupid guy.
by Strong Bad October 04, 2003
8 9
It's sort of like 'Fuck' in that it can be a noun or verb, turned into an adjective or adverb, and always works as an interjection.
After taking her out to a fine $6.99 Golden Corrall Steak Buffet dinner, a brotha could have at least expected a spurf from that beeotch.

Spurf! I guess I be yo baby's momma's momma

That betta not be spurf on my cheetos.

Sometimes, late at night, when I'm all alone, I think about that time in the Turkish prison when the Bala brothers took turns spurfing me until passed out
by Strong Bad October 02, 2003
5 6
I don't know, you guys. Strong Mad's been a little... dumber than usual lately. He punched The Cheat for no reason at all, which was funny, but you know, that's just not Strong Mad. I think he finally got an e-mail from somebody who actually likes him, and is angry that he does not know how to type. But who knows.
Remember to check my e-mail's every Monday - Strong Bad.
by Strong Bad June 18, 2003
5 7
He is TOTAL CRAP. Crappity crap crap, that is what he is. Now where is Strong Sad?
Homestar runner is TOTAL CRAP.
by Strong Bad May 07, 2004
12 37