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A smile of crooked, stained, yellow teeth; originating from the stereotype of Brits having bad teeth
American: Hey hey hey, Brit.

Englishman: 'Ello, love. *grins*

American: You know, I think I know the perfect dentist to take care of that British smile of your's.
by strippapole13 December 23, 2011
One of the most drama-filled and competitive sports known to man. It's more than just spandex.
Joe got a boner after watching Erica dominate in the volleyball match.
by strippapole13 December 12, 2011
what a guy drives down when his date has big boobs (only for his own horny satisfaction)
Tony recently took Asia out to dinner. On the way back he took her on a "detour" along several bumpy roads. Tony paid little attention to the road, for he was watching her huge tits bounce while he licked his lips.
by strippapole13 December 23, 2011

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