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One of the best things ever.
-Star Wars is cool ah?

-Hell, yeah.
by striker675 May 29, 2005
Best country of the World.
Unfortunately taxes are bigger than the country itself.
Still, an historical country that has a good clime, great landscapes and beaches.
Excelent for vacation.
Oh, and beautiful, beautiful women.
A peaceful place, optimal for vacation and full of darn nice ladies?
Portugal is the answer.
by striker675 May 29, 2005
In portuguese, it means "From the ass"
"Hey! Tira-me esta cena dooku (do cú)!"

"Hey! Get this thing outta my ass!"
by striker675 May 30, 2005
A stupid term that stupid people (mostly americans) use to call FOOTBALL, the REAL definiton of this sport.

It's the KING of world sports, officialy played for more than a hundred years, not some stupid game with a oval ball and a bunch of fucking idiots protected to their tip toes (but still without half of their brain cells).
American fag: I wonder why soccer is so much cooler than our sports.

Normal human: It's called FOOTBALL, you wothless piece of trash! Get the hell outta my sight!
by striker675 May 29, 2005
A soul stealer.
I was a normam citizen, then I took a 9gag to the soul.
by striker675 January 10, 2012

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