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When you take a shit and you don't have to wipe yourself because it came out clean.
random: wow, I though you took a number 2
another: yeah but it was a clean-shit
by stricky August 31, 2007
a) A not so hardcore emo, or a poser of an emo like an emo bean

b) A poetic emo that talks about death and darkness

pernounced pweemo or p-oe--eem-oe
Mark: hey sherry do u cut your wrists ?
Sherry: no of course not!
Mark: then why are you dressed like that you poe-emo!

Betsy: reciting her poem..... death,skulls,death and darkness hide me from the world... kill me...take away my abiding scars..
Zach: O.K. then..thats a first class poe-emo
by stricky August 31, 2007
a) all swears and demeaning words mixed into one word to exress anger.

b)When a person is puttng you down and he has all ready said fu*k you gaylord, and you need the "shut this mother fu*cker down" come back.

a) teahcer: who does things you don't what them to do
you: omg this teachers a fu*king ponk

b) burn fest.....
them: oh fu*k you gaylord....
you: yeah fu*k me, oh no fu*k you ponk
them: o.k. (really thinking sh*t)
by stricky August 31, 2007
A dude that has smoked too many drugs that he become a metal case, or someone who has said something really stupid and you have to say something thats not a swear
a) wow... "Acid Mike" has really lost his McNugget's

b) wtf did you just say you McNugget
by stricky August 31, 2007
Shit-Faced is commonly seen in movies, when a guy it going to try to get wit a woman or vice versa. The word is said when the event occures, usually in pastence. And it has to happen later on in the act, it can't be at the start. Now if rebecca would have said fuck you! the first line that isnt getting shit-faced.
Hoolio: hey, how are you?
Rebecca: good you ?
Meaningless conversation and......
Hollio: so do you want to go back to my place ?
Rebecca: fuck you, perverted ass hole!
Witness: aw haha dude u just got shit-faced! haha
by stricky August 31, 2007

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