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The act of 2 gay men giving each other
hot coffeee enemas then having a nice enchanted tasters choice moment.
Freddy and Harold both enjoyed a nice steaming hot Cleveland Double Espresso in front of a warm fire playing a friendly game of chess.
by streetwhiz April 26, 2009
The act of excreting diarrhea on your
partners face followed by a fresh
yellow hot stream of urine. This process
can only be amusing and fun if both partners are willing to sing the special
Now clap your hands and sing along! Diarrhea..Sunshine..on..a..
you..come..out..and..play...diarrhea sunshine..now..don't..you..dare..frown..
by streetwhiz May 19, 2009
Decribed as someone who is illiterate to
todays modern electronic devices.
My great uncle Alfred is such a Techno Idio. He asked if he could use the phone. So, I like handed him my cell. He looked at me strange and said. Don't you have a rotary phone?
by Streetwhiz May 17, 2009
the art of ejaculating on your partners
eyes and watching it run down their face.
last night I dropped a major splooge cicle on my girls eyes. She totally diggs the hot facial.
by streetwhiz April 05, 2009
An eleven man group of Flammin Homo Faggots
who dress up in pink lacy football uniforms and preform oral and anal sex contest with other gay teams.
It's all tied up with 4 seconds remaining.
The Cleveland Fudge Packers need to score.....

There's the strap. It looks like a trick play. OMG!!! Harold just displayed a footlong double dildo penetration clean and jerk on Freddie!!

He- could- go- all -the- way!!!
by streetwhiz May 22, 2009
Originated in Muldrow Oklahoma, This act is portrayed between 3 partners, 2 partners lay side by
side face down on the floor while the third partner inserts both feet into their rectums and attempts to moonwalk.
This process is especially pleasurable if pointy cowboy
boots with thick heels are worn.
Harold and Bernard found out quickly that their loose rectums were no match for Jack and his shit kickers. Once
he started the Muldrow Moonwalk, the hoe down was all
but over!!!
by streetwhiz June 07, 2009

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