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The tattoo a homo gets of another man.

The name originates from Chris Cooley, but Cooley is the not the homo, he's the other man. Rapper Wale, aka fag bag, got a tat of Chris Cooley on his ass.
Wale: "Yeah, I got a Cooley Tat! So what? I love Chris Cooley"

Chris Cooley: "Dude, I'm straight!"

Wale: "Yeah, well I'm not! I'm gay!"
by streeter77 May 09, 2010
A gay rapper who got a tattoo of his man-crush, Chris Cooley. The two were friends until Cooley saw Wale's tattoo, at which point there was sudden awkwardness.
50 Cent: "Fat Joe is a real Wale. Wale is a real Wale."
Jay-Z: "So they're both gay?"
50 Cent: "Yep, and so are you!"
by streeter77 May 09, 2010

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