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2 definitions by street smart psychic

1. The straight forward approach that some psychics have when delivering information to a client.

2. This term is also used by psychics when talking about clients who expect readings for free or when referencing nasty clients.
The client that I read for last evening has a real set of "crystal balls." She expected me to wave a magick wand and make her boyfriend call her.
by Street Smart Psychic June 08, 2010
Politician Teeth- teeth that are grossly crooked and uneven.

Some of these teeth are rotten to the core and

smell bad. Usually behind bars as in "grill"
Loose ones need polly-grip.
The dude had politician teeth. His choppers were as crooked as all hell. His teeth should be behind bars. He needs a heavy wired "grill."
by street smart psychic January 22, 2010