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15 definitions by streaker30

When after shitting, the power of the flush leaves many shit trails across the bottom off the bog in the direction of the U-Bend, resembling the trail left in the mud after dragging a body (possibly in a bag) across a muddy field
Nick: I think my detective wife may have solved the bathroom "whodunnit"
James: Really, what evidence did she use to solve such a henious crime?
Nick: Someone left mark's where they had been "Dragging a dead body through the mud"
by Streaker30 May 30, 2009
A particularly stodgy shit that wont leave your arse. The type produced after eating food at a German Beer Keller.
Jeez, that Eisbeinesse last night, it must have left Nick with quite an anchor. I heard him int early hours puffing and panting in the lav. It must have been so painful to release, but when it did, it went with quite a splash.
by Streaker30 August 14, 2009
A Sink/Toliet Plunger
Nick: Damn, Lester has lodged his lunch in the U-bend again
James: Sounds like another job for our trusty "Dalek's Eye"
by Streaker30 May 30, 2009
Bog, Shitter, Toilet
Nick needed to spend most of the morning on the Muddy Cup after that Jalfrezi attacked him at 5:30am
by Streaker30 June 01, 2009
An uncircumcised penis
The rugby team cheered whilst admiring James "Rag Top" in the showers after the match
by streaker30 June 01, 2009
when sat on the bog squeezing out a particularly long sausage, which whist still making its way out of your arse slowly and begrudgingly, also inadvertently touches the water.
My god, that huge meat and potato platter we had at the Hamburg Beer Keller last night, it reemerged this morning producing the dipstick effect.
by Streaker30 August 14, 2009
The act of covering a toilet seat with paper so your arse does not touch the seat. Particularly used at Airports, Train Stations and on visits to Ireland
James: What's took you so long in shit room?
Nick: ah, I need to lay a little lagging first, someone had pissed on the seat :(
by Streaker30 November 09, 2009