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A life threatening disease that can be contracted through excessive existential questioning. Some symptoms may include depression, substance abuse, social withdrawal, identity crisis, and a shitload of other dysfunctions. Although deadly, this disease can be cured with a large dose of distraction, available in both physical and mental forms.

Please note that even after a person has recovered from Whatisitis, it will never leave the body of the carrier. It is, however, non-hereditary. You can also attempt to spare your children the uncertainty of life by introducing them to extra-curricular activities and/or by brainwashing them.
You: What is that? *squinting*
Me: What is what?
You: What is THAT? *points to object in distance*
Me: What is WHAT? *using air quotes*
You: No, I'm serious.
Me: What is serious?
You: Ugh.
Me: What is ugh?
You: *thinks harder* Holy shit my brain is on fire... stop.
Me: What is stop?
You: *catching on now* What is is?
Me: What is what?
You: What is what is?
Me: Damn, I don't know what anything is anymore.
You: Me neither.
Me: Sorry for giving you Whatisitis. Then again, why am I speaking? Nothing makes sense! What is speaking and what is sense?!
You: Wanna smoke up?
Me: What does that mean? Oh fuck it, where's my bong?
by strawberryweedles April 11, 2010

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