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A Samantha is a loving and kind girl. She is usually gorgeous and angelic looking. If you do not know a Samantha it would be worth your while to get to know one. She is the best friend you will ever have.. she is fun, nice, sweet, easy to talk to, and will not betray you. Samantha's usually look innocent, but are the funnest people ever (and they most likey have gotten around). Samantha's are always themselves and do not try to impress anyone. They also do not like it when people try to impress her, they are down to earth girls and just want to be around genuine people. Samantha's are the type of people you can trust and the type of person you want to get to know.
boy1: that is hot but looks shy
boy2: she's a samantha .. so she must be amazing
by straight_up_! December 27, 2009

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