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The police are coming; The police are here
"Shit yo when andre was like i smell bacon i was like damn nigga, the po po is comin.
"werd, den wut happened?"
"Nigga, once the 5-0 cracked dat joint i kicked it off da heezy and bounced."
fooled out playa hatin gangsta killer; aka cold harted killer; aka my uncle giovanni; aka hitman
"yo fuck i heard the mob sent uncle giovanni to ice u."
"for shiznit, dang homey, im gon roll up on outta this hizzouse."
"fo sho fo sho, ud best be bouncin b4 the ice-man shows himself and teaches u a lesson u never thougt ud learn"
"werd up, thanx for the 411"
"ud better go b4 we gots to call 911"
"werd peece nigga."
by straight up gangster nigger phil February 10, 2005
very very very gay; as in ultimately queer. this term should not be used lightly because it means elite gayness only reachable by the gayest of gays.
"i just saw the gayest guy on earth."
"yeah yo chips down, he was gay as shit."
"was he ultimate?"
by straight up gangster nigger phil February 10, 2005

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