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something that appeals to faggots, homos, and fruits. Used by gay people to describe something very cool.
That was so fabulously fruitilicious, said the faggot to his boyfriend.
by str8 4 life February 16, 2003
A faggot that eats tofu. Most likely to preach about the "wonders" of vegetarianism.
by str8 4 life April 10, 2003
Another name for a homo.
by str8 4 life March 20, 2003
One who practices anal sex. See homo, faggot, salad toss
San Francisco is full of salad fuckers.
by str8 4 life February 18, 2003
A normal human being who likes to have sex with the opposite gender.
by str8 4 life March 07, 2003

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