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Grebs generally wear tatty old baggy black or blue jeans, spikey necklaces and wristbans along with a nirvana or slipknot hoody. they all seem to think theyre being individual or different bye doin this, but all look the same, they think slipknot and cradle of filth are proper hardcore death metal, but have never even heard of good bands like the devil wears prada, drop dead gorgeous or the black dahlia murder.

they generally pride themselfs as being more intelligent and morally superior to chavs, but in reality are more or less the same, just with different taste in music and different clothes/hair. as they are just as narrow minded, which you will clearly see if you read alot of the other definitions of greb.
Greb 1 - oh my good, have you heard the new slipknot song, its soo heavy, i love it.
Greb 2 - i know, and the new cradle album is amazing, dani filth is sooooooo good.
Real Metalhead - haha look at those freakshows talking about ther shitty pretend metal, lets beat the shit outta them and proceed to the black dahlia murder gig.
Scen Kid - ok
by Storm almighty September 08, 2007
Indie kids generally think they're being different to everyone else, and different to their friends, but actually look pretty much the same.

They listen bands they believe not to be mainstream, like the Artic Monkeys, Kasabian, Hard-Fi and alike.

They dont like emos or scene kids, but act more or less the same 'better than you cus i like insert band name here' way. but with slightly diferent sense of fashion and music.
Indie Kid 1 'omg, have you heard this totally awesome new band, theyre called the artic monkey, ther so indie and amazing.

Me 'stfu idiot'
by storm almighty September 19, 2007
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