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Nerds but hot.
Indie kids are the new generation of nerd. They're the "cool nerd" cos they embrace the awkwardness.
by stonahsarah January 11, 2009
A girl who will flirt/date/hook up with you as to smoke your weed and not have to buy her own. Similar to the virgin who dates you so you'll take her to the movies every friday night.
I'm such a stoner slut... I dated colin half the summer just to smoke his weed. Then the weed ran out and we both got bored. He ended up hooking up with Aly at her party, and I went on to date michael. We were all happy.

I felt so bad about smoking his shit all the time, I invited him for a night of smirnoff & vodka. He was DD though, and I felt bad so I hooked up with him. The resulting hickey made mike so jealous he asked me out the next day. We were all happy.

Joey has the best shit. That's why Meghan is such a stoner slut and always fucks his ugly ass.

Kristen wanted Clinton's pretty blue bong so bad she blew him for it. That stoner slut is my bitch!
by stonahsarah September 14, 2008
Kids who like Art, and know it is their forte. They do art, appreciate art, and talk with other art fags about art. It happens to be their thing. Other people are jealous because art is a difficult concept and they don't have the capacity or the introduction to understand it. They make petty hatred posts on Urbandictionary, and are unfriendly too the art fags who sit in the back of class and talk about their latest painting, while everyone else goes on about one tree hill or Halo 3 or American Idol or whatever.
Aint nothing wrong with liking Art. I'm and Art Fag and PROUD of it.

We can't all like sport. I happen to have found a way to express my feelings through painting. I never claimed to be an empiricist. I'm an art fag, so sue me.

David and Harry tended not to talk to Sarah and Gab in Maths. They were always being art fags and talking about Dali or Oils vs. Watercolors or whatever. David hated them for being art fags. And cause they never did math.
by stonahsarah January 11, 2009
When someone has a picture of themselves on their desktop or screensaver. Meaning you have to look at them twice as much, and they look at themselves all day long. Normally, the slightest glance at their computer screen will prompt them to explain said picture and start showing you heaps of pictures of themselves.
Can you believe the narcissism at this school? Half of my humanities class has mesavers.

I don't have a mesaver, I know I'm gorgeous, I don't need the reassurance.

Egotistical much? What's up with the mesaver grace? I don't want to have to look at you twice as much.
by stonahsarah January 11, 2009
To look something up on wikipedia. Usually used in the command form. Derived from a simplification of "look it up!" and "wikipedia" Also sounds much better than, "google it!"
Can be problematic when assuming wikipedia is the end all be all of knowledge.
Can also be used to refer to wiki how.
"You don't believe me that there's such a thing as flying fish??? Wiki up! They're totally in the arctic!"

"I don't know how to make a highball, wiki up!"
by stonahsarah February 03, 2009
(location) Couches, a field with couches in it hidden from the road/removed from generally visibility. The perfect spot to smoke a bowl. Can also be a forested area, or anywhere outdoors. Usually transitory cause fuckers steal the couches or move them somewhere else.
Dude, where we going to smoke this shit?

The middle school again?

Fuck it, they have security cameras now. Let's go to couches.
by stonahsarah October 08, 2008
When you come home at the end of the night, and decide to drunkenly check your facebook. In the process accepting or rejecting friend requests with little consideration. Especially bad for when you accept or deny people you previously gave the inbox rot. Similar situation to when beer makes a member of the opposite sex look better, requestees on facebook look better.
Goddamn! I didn't get invited to Tegan's party cause she sent me a beer google request and I denied her request on facebook! Fuck!

Who the hell ARE all of these people? I must have accepted them in a beer goggle request!
by stonahsarah April 06, 2009

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