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Coercing yourself to ejaculate through genitial manipulation.
Often times Chris will rub himself raw while firing off some knuckle children. He likes to punish his penis like he caught it breaking into his house.
by Stoggit October 21, 2005
n. The tallent some of your buddies have developed to become completly pussy whipped. When they ditch the bros for the hoes on a consistant basis. In most cases the retracter is able to drop them again, but in some cases they dissappear forever. Just like your mother used to tell you if you make a face long enough it will stick, if you don't use them you lose them.

One of my "friends" has lost his manhood due to his retractable balls.
by stoggit May 14, 2003
When someone gets an instant message while firing off some knuckle children at the privacy of their home computer.
After an unsuccessful night with the ladies, John Everyman is just about to release some pressure when his buddy e-walks in on him by sending an IM which forces John to type back one handed.
by Stoggit October 21, 2005
The new line in France's army that has one gear in foward and four in reverse.
The only thing worse than Iraq tanks are the pussy French tanks.
by stoggit May 13, 2003

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