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11 definitions by stinkoman

a sexual act in which a woman gives a man a blow job, as he ejaculates he shuts the womans mouth and whispers into her hear "I have syphilis", because of her astonishment, the cum comes out of her nose - - it looks like a dragon.
that girl was S'ing my D and I gave her the ol' Alaskan Fire Dragon - when it came out her nose... man, dudes.
by stinkoman December 16, 2004
A young surfer
That ocka is a grommit
by stinkoman February 24, 2004
A term used to signify alarm. Popularized by comics, used on the the 1960's Batman show.
Gadzooks boy wonder, these tights are straining me!
by stinkoman February 24, 2004
From the cartoon series 'Ducktales'.
Fenton P Crackshells key phrase needed to turn into Gizmo Duck.
When Fenton Crackshell said "Blatherin' blatherskite!", he turned into Gizmo Duck.
by stinkoman February 24, 2004
Pussy spelled backwards.
*slurping noise* yssssssup!
by Stinkoman February 23, 2005
Someone who excels at something. A metaphor that translates the power and effectiveness of the weapon into a compliment. Possibly also referring to the systematic nature and accuracy of a soldier. Especially used to describe sports players.
That basketball player is a gun.
by stinkoman February 24, 2004
To appear homosexual based on a comment or action with no indended sexuality.

From the ridiculous assumption that popular cartoon character Sponge Bob is gay; as decried by James Dobson.
If one straight guy tells another that his pants look good - he's spongebobbing.
by Stinkoman January 27, 2005