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dimples on the lower back just above the ass only available on hot bitches who are in shape
hey look at that hotty she's got sexy assdimples
by stinkfoot November 19, 2008
the lazy way of saying (with it) mostly used by negros and/or wiggers
yo, i'm about to spark this blunt you
by stinkfoot November 20, 2008
the bad bob to a true sub-gueniuis the opposite of bob,total void of slack
the cop that took my weed is the anti bob
by stinkfoot November 19, 2008
a nick name for emminem a white rapper that is suprisingly successful in spite of being a gay-ass-bitch
the only way a femminem song to sound good is having wierd al do a spoof on it
by stinkfoot November 19, 2008
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