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I style of animation EXTREMELY popular in America. Anime comic books are known as "manga". I personally don't know WHAT THE HELL is so freaking INCREDIBLE about anime that makes it appears on every single freaking website you go to, let alone anything related to Japan, in case you don't notice, but anime is unquestionably popular among Americans.
"Toonami" was a bump on the Cartoon Network that mainly the anime portion of the network.
by stimlag January 10, 2007
"Oh my fucking God" for short. Ususally used in AIM conversations and other chat-room things. A common expression of excitement, awe, surprise or anger
1.OMFG U R SUCH A n00B LOL!!!!!!111!1eleventy!!1

2.STFU!!!1 OMFG!!11

3.OMFG ur sO annoyAnG!!1111

4.did that guy just jump through a ring of fire?? OMFG!!
by stimlag November 14, 2006

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