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To have your penis and/or breasts chopped off and stuffed down your throat.
Timmy: I horny for guys.
John: You're about to get stilled.
by Stilled November 09, 2014
a genre of music that has just become a joke. 99.99999% of all people on the world are punks, so that means allmost everyone is into punk rock music- 1994 greenday brings punk rock back into the mainstream culture. Some years later blink 182 makes all the small things video which makes punk music like pop music- year 2000 onward avril lavigne eventually cashes in on skater culture with skater boi she then gets all girls into punk rock. It is not uncommon for girls now to listen to punk. 2005 and onward- I believe punk has hit an apex where the fundamentals are distorted by the foundations of the establishment, I also believe that punk will flop if its exceeded over what is now.
"Burying Your Past"

you used to shine like a diamond all the time
but now you forgot all your dreams forgot the times
that you had gravel in your knees and i raised you back to your feet
and now you're watered down there's nothing left burning inside
so many times i fell on my face and you lifted my spirits back to place
i hope the pieces are all around the puzzle of you burying your past
and if that perfect smile isn't the perfect lie you're faking again
wake in the morning bleeding from my back and dying
because you neglect your heart i have so many emotions,
passions burning in my heart.
by stilled January 26, 2005
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