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A derogatory term referring to illegal alien from Latin America who, because s/he cannot swim, enters the U.S. by crawling under the fence, causing his/her back to get severely scratched.
Person 1 white trash: "Hey, Juan. Like, your Mom's a total wetback. They should deport y'all back to Mexico."
Person 2 (Hispanic respondent): "Actually, Billy Bob, you ignorant white trash racist pendejo, my Mom came from Guatemala and crawled under the fence carrying me. So, we're both scratch backs."
by StickMan May 07, 2015
1)A description for any person when they act as a n idiot/fool/or moron or display characteristics of all three acts. Originated in schoolyard in 2001 for an alternative insult that the teachers didn't understand.
2)An informal greeting between close friends.
1)God that Kevin is such a doongah!
2)Hey David you doongah, how's it going?
by stickman January 13, 2005
two words describe warped: teh seks
<stickman>ped owns me
by stickman October 11, 2003
An ancronym for Fuck to You.
well f2u mate
by stickman May 23, 2004
That which induces a strong feeling of nausea and is relieved by vomiting
I was watching "2 Broke Girls" last night and all was well until vomitaceous Sandra Bernhard appeared on the set! She's so ugly, it looks like her face caught on fire and they put it out with an ice pick.
by StickMan May 07, 2015

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