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The second largest borough of NYC (first being Queens). Most people define it as the home of rappers, drug dealers, gangsters, idiots, etc. and as one of the dirtiest shitholes in all of America. However, thats only a section of Brooklyn, mostly the Sheepshead Bay and Flatbush area. If one took a look at Prospect Park or Ocean Pkwy, for example, it would be quite evident that its kept very clean. Prospect Park has a beautiful Botanical Garden and a great scenic park; the streets are very clean and look somewhat classy. The people in this area don't even consist partly of gangsters.

The people who leave negative comments about Brooklyn clearly need to get up their fuckin' asses and really take a tour around it before they earn the right to have ANY opinions about it. Yes, Brooklyn can be a trashy place, but come on people, its not THAT bad. I've lived here since I was born and hey guess what I survived.
Brooklyn was formerly known as "Kings County" in the early 1600s.
by stich March 29, 2006

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