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Leader of the gangsta skating clan stia-styles-crew, a long hair ruffian who doesnt play by the rules. Characterised by girly long hair, reluctance to vacate residential abode, welsh italian heritage, high number of bebo page views, internet girlfriend, 1337 counterstrike hax and a disregard for the law. He rules the streets of Wagaman on second life server three!
Owieee Stia-Styles, whats up ma trippin gangsta!
by stiastyles May 25, 2007
A really intense tent set up.

When one is camping or setting up a tent in a park or backyard and the erected tent looks really cool.
Wow, man thats intensetent.
by stiastyles May 31, 2007
The unsightly bottom stains aquired by accidentaly planting one's posterior on a faulty pen or ink-using device.
Hehe, you got an inkbottom.
by stiastyles May 31, 2007
When one has an erection so great that one's willy bends back at an obtuse angel and pushes through your skin and cracks one's pelvis in two.
Billy was so turned on my the donkey that he became over-erect and had to be hospitalised.
by stiastyles May 31, 2007
a cockroach that happens to be sitting on one's towel when one attempts to dry one's genitals (or anus).

when the unfortunate insect comes into contact with the area in question, immediate squashage will usually result, causing the present death of the violative cockroach.

you may need to have another shower after you have come into contact with the cock touching roach.
There was a cock touching roach sitting on my towel, he is dead now.
by stiastyles May 31, 2007
The reduction of hearing due to ejaculation into the aural cavity. This often occurs due to a lack of proper co-ordination during oral sex, or due to premature ejaculation. The penile discharge becomes trapped in the ear and can cause major damage to the ear drum if not quickly cleaned out.
Suzie was hearing 'white noise' after her boyfriend "missed the mark".
by stiastyles May 25, 2007

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