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Number 3 means full sex with a woman. Ask and agree = three - rhyming slang.
Men often visit prostitutes for Number 3
by Stias September 04, 2005
brilliant breast co-ordination
A group of men went to a strip club at lunch time and looked
lustfully at a woman who was tempting them with her bbc
by Stias August 11, 2005
A post box camouflaged as the wife of the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair - that is Cherie Blair. Cherie was born on 23rd September 1954 in Bury, Greater Manchester. Her father was Tony Booth who starred in Till Death Us Do Part. Cherie is a successful lawyer and Queen's Counsel
Although her husband and George W. Bush are good buddies, in October of 2004 Cherie Blair lambasted President Bush over his policies on terrorist prisoners and gay rights.
by Stias August 28, 2005
You may eat food in a restaurant but would you return? You can eat food anywhere even out of a paper bag whilst you are walking down the street. Is that a restaurant? Allow me to up grade the definition. A restaurant is a place that offers well prepared food at a reasonable price.
The management and staff offer both first class hospitality and service. Usually the staff of a good restaurant are sent on regular training courses to guarantee that a high standard is always maintained and they work as a team to create a pleasant atmosphere for their clientele making them feel as comfortable as they would be if they were in their own homes.
The Primrose Bar and Restaurant in Ballynahinch, Co. Down in the north of Ireland is one of the best in the country. It should be on the itinerary of every person visiting the north of Ireland for business or pleasure
by Stias September 12, 2005
A cockup means someone has made a real mess of something
The universlty student had not done enough revision and made a real
cockup of his finals which meant he would have to resit them later in the year.
by Stias December 08, 2005
Tuam is a small town in Co. Galway with a 12th century High Cross.
St Jarlath founded a monastry in Tuam, Co. Galway in the 6th Century.
There are two Cathedrals in Tuam, (Church of Ireland and Roman Catholic).
by Stias August 11, 2005
A hair dressing establishment open to both men and women. Many of them are owned, managed and staffed by women. Some are owned by men and there are several chains some of which are owned by husband and wife partnerships. There may be special hours set aside for men only to go in for a trim or short back and sides.
I usually go to a unisex salon to have my beard trimmed
by Stias September 04, 2005

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