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A era where rock and pop were coming out resulting in 80's music. Michal JAckson was one of the greatest pop stars during this era.
Man 1: i am going to go bye the new cd that has 80's music on it.
man2: cool. get me oone too. i want to hear michal jackson.
by steven puckett May 24, 2005
Being overrun in a online game by a bunch of noobs.
Man: ahhhhhh we are be noobulated!

man2: ahhh pwnage!!111!!!
by steven Puckett October 03, 2005
the act of being etremely noobish.
man 1: hey did you play counter strike last night?

man2: sure did and there was this one person being incredibly noobtacular! He Sucked!!
by steven puckett May 24, 2005

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