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To get drunk, puke and sleep within at least 5 meters of the last location where you puked.
"Yo man, awesome party but where did mike go after 5 am?"
"He was victoring somewhere under a bridge, close to the party"
by stevegek_ April 11, 2009
A friendshipdrink is usually used when some-one at a party does not want to have another alcoholic drink of some sorts.

When a friend wants to push this person who does not want to drink, he will say that this drink is a toast to their friendship.

This will usually make the person go "okay let's have one..." resulting in the person getting more drunk or even getting in the state of victoring.

This "technique" is widely used at private parties and clubs in Europe.
Jason: "Let's have another drink!"
Arnold: "Nah I've had anough"
Jason: "But this is a friendshipdrink, it represents our friendship!"
Arnold: "Okay ONE more and that's it"
by stevegek_ June 18, 2009
A colleague at work who is constantly negative about other colleagues' work. This person is also good at making you look bad in front of influential people such as managers.
Amir: So that guy actually told me my work is crap and his son designs better...! Later I heard from my manager that I should perhaps reconsider my position!
Elton: Gheez, he's such a workatrollic, he does this with every body.
by stevegek_ January 27, 2011
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