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2 definitions by steve ryans

The standard blumpkin affair with a twist: instead of the usual mouth hug while taking the browns to the super bowl, she (or he if you're so inclined) dons a jack-o-lantern (preferably of the toothless persuasion) and then blumpkins you to orgasm. It's a seasonal thing - like the bj version of the shamrock shake.
It was Halloween night and I could tell magic was in the air when a jack-o-lantern was giving me head on the toilet, the old "pumpkin blumpkin"
by steve ryans October 04, 2009
29 7
Coming in a girl and then shitting in her vag, thus fertilizing your seed.
After I blew my load in Carol, I shat in her fertile crescent, giving her the farmer's almanac and fertilizing my "crop"
by steve ryans October 04, 2009
8 5