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18 definitions by steve freund

A satanic jewish grandmother.
The rabbi's grandmother is so evil, she is a real beelzebubbe.
by steve freund September 26, 2007
1 4
Someone who is canivorous.
Pete only eats canned foods. He is a total canivore.
by steve freund September 21, 2007
2 5
A person who only eats canned foods.
"Honey, pizza sound good?"
"Sweetheart, you know I am canivorous. Let's pop open a can of beans instead."
by steve freund September 21, 2007
2 5
A place where unattractive people go to drink.
"Look at these animals at the bar. This place is a freakin' beastro."
by steve freund April 28, 2008
7 16