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The political milieu witnessed by the USA during the election year 2008.
"Did you hear what Barack Obama's preacher said THIS time? This Obamadrama gets better every day!".
by steve freund March 25, 2008
Someone you are engaged to strictly for financial reasons.
"He doesn't really love her, he loves her money. Until they actually get married, she is his financee."
by steve freund March 24, 2008
Fits of emotional outbursts displayed by percussionists.
Dude, that band won't survive with all that drummer drama.
by steve freund October 19, 2007
One who is an expert in all things vaginal.
"That boy sure has a lot of girlfriends. He's a real pussyologist."
by steve freund September 24, 2007
A chastity device for men.
I promised my chick I wouldn't have sex with any other women, and she bought me this cocklock.
by steve freund February 25, 2008
A numbness in the part of the body between the rectum and testicles, or rectum and vagina.
Riding that bike has made me numb down there. I think I have taint faint.
by steve freund October 17, 2007
To become one with the universe, by just being.
"Dude, you seem so enlightened. Have you studied philosophy or meditation?."

"No, I have become one with the universe simply through cosmosis."
by steve freund September 24, 2007

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