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What one might need in order to erase a particularly nasty memory or image.
Dang, there's just not enough brain bleach to get the image of Lucille in stretch pants out of my mind!
by Steve F February 14, 2007
to be ignored or neglected while trying to communicate via electronic message.
person 1 says: "I texted everyone about the party, but everyone is neglexting me, and I havent heard anything back"


annie "hey John, have you been neglexting my messages?"
John "Listen, I have been playing Wii, dont bug me!"
by steve F January 02, 2008
When one is surprised by oral sex, whether they wake up to it, or whatever happenstances brings about a sneak BJ or cunnalingus
Person 1: "yeah I woke up looked down, and there they were, supreej'ing me"

Person 2: "That is awesome. I wish I woke up to that!"
by steve f February 13, 2008

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