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.99 cent big can Arizona Iced-T of any flavor. Usually found in gas stations and general stores nah mean. Best deal EVER! Not to be confused with a tall tee nah mean.
Yo dog, you wanna get a tall tea with this dank sandwich?
Yea I'm down.
by steve's cheese December 19, 2009
A case (24beers) of 16oz beer cans you buy at a beer store
What are you going to buy at the bait shop?
I'm gonna get a slab bro!
by steve's cheese November 12, 2009
A pink sock that is just barely sticking out, so it looks like a clit dog.
Yo baby girl tuck your butt clit back in.
by steve's cheese January 05, 2010
A 16 oz or pint size beer can.
Oh I see you're drinking a tall girl tonight.
by steve's cheese November 12, 2009
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