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An event where guys significantly outnumber girls. This isn't great if you're a guy, and is especially not so great if you're an arsehole, as generally this means that your chance of pulling is, well, diminished.
anything involving physics or computing
by Steve Lewis April 16, 2004
Possibly the funniest way to indicate your approval of something.

Bare of like heavy, badass, ninja et al.
That DJ is teh bomb-sauce jigga.

We were bomb-sauce jigga together. Lets go out again.

That fart was bomb-sauce jigga. Just smell it man!
by Steve Lewis June 13, 2004
1. Wrong, raw, disgusting.

2. Random, sudden, unexpectedly jokes.
"you're so off key" - after sticking finger up arse and wiping on policeman's face.

"that was the most off key scene I've ever seen" - Commenting on various scenes in Kill Bill.
by Steve Lewis June 15, 2004
going on

Also: gwauns
What's gwaning? - What's going on?
What gwauns? - What's going on?
by Steve Lewis May 09, 2004
The best insult ever. Just imagine the crustiest female area.
Me - Dude, why are you such a cunt crust?

Dude - Oh Steve, I'm so sorry that I'm just not as supercool as you. Please, accept my most sincere apologies.
by Steve Lewis April 15, 2004
That grey/black (depending on how dirty you are) gunk on your keyboard after prolonged use.

May also accumulate on mice.
Man I hate my supervisor so much.... I'm gonna give him some keyboard salsa in his coffee
by Steve Lewis February 01, 2004
a person about to become a pervert.

from the latin prevertus, meaning... no I'm kidding. It's just bare of pre- before
- I'm a retard who can't spell
- And you're probably a prevert.
by Steve Lewis June 13, 2004
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