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noun: similar to the feeling of "elation", but having to do with the character Eli Goldsworthy from the T.V. show Degrassi The Next Generation. When one is experiencing "elition", they will tend to squeal, jump around, feel butterflies in their stomach, scream, post on their blogs obsessively, and freak out as though he is a real person in real life that they have a chance dating instead of an amazing fictional character.

see also eligasm and smirktastic
person 1: Dude, why do you look so happy?
person 2: Sorry, I just watched the latest episode of Degrassi. I'm in complete "Elition" right now.


fangirl 1: Did you see Clare's face after Eli kissed her?
fangirl 2: I know! She looked completely "Elited" !
by stereotypicalwords August 24, 2010

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