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A euphemism for the act of defecation. Based upon the Glade 'Touch 'n' Fresh' advert where the boy will only do a poo at his friend Paul's house.

Taking a shit, laying cable, cutting off a length of dirty spine
Just going to see Paul, be back in 10!
by Stephizzal July 16, 2011
insult to mutter when one or a group of SERIOUSLY badly dressed people walk by.

Basically you are insinuating they must be in fancy dress to look so ridiculous, hence 'what did they come as?'
50 yr old woman walks by with big clunky black leather boots, a vile patterned multicoloured gypsy skirt, jewellery made from old christmas decorations and a t-shirt 3 sizes too small that says 'babe' on it:

me: what did they come as?
by stephizzal July 02, 2006
a group of morons in close proximity, behaving as morons do. the muppet show can often be seen at said morons natural habitats, such as:

1. chav infested shopping centres on saturdays
2. 'up town' on a friday night outside a nightclub
3. political gathrings, especially if George W Bush is in the vacinity (though he is by no means the only culprit, just the biggest.)
person a: why has that lad got bounced from a nightclub for being blatantly underage, staggered into the road swearing, flashed his arse at the police and got arrested whilst his fat girlfriend screams and hammers the riot van with her fists?

person b: the muppet show must be in town.
by stephizzal December 20, 2006
a dump which requires only a one sheet wipe afterwards
gary was pleased that his abstaining from curry and beans had led to an increase in frequency of the hallowed 'ace of spades', thereby saving him enough money on toilet paper to buy a hummer.
by stephizzal December 20, 2006
crazy people. you know, the ones that stand on street corners wearing foil round their heads jabbering on that the government is intercepting their thoughts.
'thats the third time today that someone has thrown a cat at me. are the fruit loops on day release fromn the funny farm or something?'
by stephizzal September 14, 2005
a fruit machine.

Dazza: Eh Brian are you goin out tonight mate?
Brian: Nah mate don't get me dole money till friday
Dazza: Calm down calm down youse can give the scouse cashpoint a try!
by Stephizzal May 16, 2006
1.one who does not write their own songs.
from the rapper foxy brown who is pretty much the running joke of of other female rappers such as lil kim and eve, because people like nas write her songs for her. therefore has beef with both lil kim and eve.
'don't you know i write my own sh!t?! send that sh!t to foxy!'-lil kim
'i can't be waiting on her and her ghostwriter to be coming back at me. not my fault she hasn't had a hit since 1996 and her bank account is looking the same'- eve
by Stephizzal August 03, 2005

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