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what you say when you are beyond hungry. only to be said if you are so hungry, you truly believe you really could eat a buttered frog.
a: hey wanna get some maccy d's?
b: nah i'm not hungry.
a: not hungry? i could eat a buttered frog!
by stephizzal August 31, 2006
something snoop dogg used as an insult on doggy-fizzle televizzle, to much amusement.
go catch a fish!...bitch!
by stephizzal September 10, 2006
a rolex. not just a dogg-ism, used by Da Brat much earlier.
'where my rolley wearing thugs who, claim they don't love u, but anytime u want somethin done they do it!'- Thats What I'm Looking For
by Stephizzal August 16, 2005
a crowbar.

thats it!
I was a bit short on cash, so i helped myself to a dvd player from the house down the road, letting myself in with my scouse key.
by Stephizzal May 16, 2006
A euphemism for the act of defecation. Coined after Osama Bin Laden's 'dignified burial at sea'.

Taking a shit, dropping the kids off at the pool, laying cable, cutting off a length of dirty spine
Fred: "Where the hell is Dave? He's been gone ages!".
Dave: "Sorry about that guys, I had to perform a 'dignified burial at sea!'"
by Stephizzal July 16, 2011
Large town in the Midlands UK. Could be so nice if it tried. Unfortunately, it has a chav problem. If only there was a chav rentokil...oh where was i..
It is characterised by huge estates, rubbish bus services and dismal nightclubs that get closed down and have to change their name. It is absolutely true that there is not much to do at night in Redditch. Your best bet is chicago rock cafe, if you don't mind 5 mile queues.
Never, ever drive unprepared into Redditch. You WILL get lost, all the roundabouts look identical. At best, you'll emerge, a gibbering wreck, somewhere near Alvechurch. At worst, you'll drive round Churchill for all eternity...
by Stephizzal May 16, 2006
Literally means 'damn thief' but is more used in a situation where someone is trying to rip you off.
Item has 50p sticker on it: I go to the till:
Shopkeeper: Thats £1.
Me: Its 50p!
Shopkeeper: no no, price is wrong...insert rubbish excuse here
Me: Diamn teef.
by stephizzal May 03, 2006

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